Quiz: How Eco-Aware Are Your Kids?

Whatever way you want to look at it, children really are the future of the planet. With our natural resources running out, the way they choose to take charge could save the environment from natural disaster.

So how eco-aware are your brood? Are they out and about recycling in your local area, or do they prefer to sit at home in front of their gaming consoles?

Take our eco quiz to find out. Answer each question honestly, and then flick to the end to find out your scores.

Best of luck!

What fair trade food does your child prefer?

  • a. All of them! From a morning cup of tea to a snack-time banana, it’s all got to be fairly traded.
  • b. They don’t know what fair trade is.
  • c. Mostly the chocolate and snacks!

What’s their attitude to organic food?

  • a. If they have tea at a friend’s house they’ll want to know if the food is organic.
  • b. They don’t really understand what organic means.
  • c. They know it’s better for the planet, but aren’t that fond of organic sprouts or exotic vegetables!

Are they aware of food miles?

  • a. Yes- they worry if the food on their plate comes from outside the UK.
  • b. Does that mean you get free air travel with a packet of crisps?
  • c. They know local is better, and like visiting your town’s farmers’ market.

What do your kids think about cars?

  • a. They worry that cars will eventually destroy the planet.
  • b. The bigger the better! Preferably a Mercedes.
  • c. They know cars are useful, but prefer to walk or take their bikes for short distances.

Do they recycle?

  • a. They wouldn’t use anything that they couldn’t eventually recycle or reuse.
  • b. Only because the school makes them.
  • c. They recycle whenever they can, as long as they know what bin to put it in.

What do they think about the future?

  • a. Things can only get worse.
  • b. We’ll eventually come up with a scientific solution to our environmental problems – so why worry?
  • c. If we all do our bit, then we can change things for the better.

Mostly a’s. Your child certainly cares about the environment – but is there a danger that they’re becoming an eco-worrier rather than an eco-warrior? Helping the environment may be important, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of being a kid. Take their worries seriously, but remember to have some fun with them once in a while and talk up the positive (like delicious eco-friendly food) rather than dwell on gloomier eco-friendly messages.

Mostly b’s. Is there a danger that you child is putting the environment right at the bottom of their list of concerns? Worrying about green house gasses 24/7 isn’t fun, but ignoring the problem is just plain silly. Take time out to teach your child how their actions have a part to play in helping the environment. Don’t be too hard on them – but impress upon their minds how doing their bit for the planet is important.

Mostly c’s. Congratulations! You seem to have struck exactly the right balance between your children caring for the environment and getting on with the business of being children. Give yourself a pat on the back and hope that their environmental passion will still be going strong by the time their teenage years arrive.