2 04, 2009

Help Your Children Become More Self Sufficient

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When you’re an adult it’s all too easy to remember the first, often faltering steps out of the family nest and into a flat, or shared student accommodation. No doubt the laundry took some figuring out – and you may have taken a while to cook up dishes that were [...]

22 11, 2007

A Kids’ Guide to Composting

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Everyday the rubbish that we throw away pollutes the earth. If it’s incinerated (burned up) it can release harmful toxins that pollute the air but if it’s dumped into a landfill or even the ocean then it pollutes our land and water. Thankfully, a lot of our rubbish tends to [...]

9 03, 2007

Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

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Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a fun family activity that results in fresh, healthy produce and little harm to the environment. This rewarding chore doesn’t require a lot of equipment, experience or expertise, nor does it even require you to own or have access to any land! As [...]

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