21 06, 2007

Products Made out of Recycled Materials

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Apart from the obvious – paper tins and glass – what other materials spring to mind when you think of recycled products? How about car tyres circuit boards and juice cartons for starters?! Amaze your kids with the myriad of recycled products that are available with a bit of searching [...]

12 06, 2007

Making Recycling a Fun Activity

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Recycling should be a family-wide effort that comes naturally to everyone – though like most household tasks is much easier said than done where children are concerned! It's no big secret that children soon begin to resent anything they perceive as a chore, so it makes sense to introduce recycling [...]

7 06, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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In our quest to be eco-friendly and to raise our children in a world where sustainable environmentally friendly living becomes second nature, reduce, reuse and recycle should be uttered mantra like each time we are tempted to simply fling something in the bin! Reducing, reusing and recycling are life skills [...]

7 03, 2007

What Products can be Recycled?

By |2021-05-24T08:41:02+00:00March 7, 2007|Recycling|3 Comments

It has been estimated that UK households recycle less than 20% of their rubbish, a figure that is shockingly low compared with other European nations believed to recycle approximately 50% of their waste. This translates to millions, if not billions of tonnes of UK rubbish that could easily be avoided [...]

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