20 01, 2011

Simple Solar Experiments for Schools

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Between driving the weather, making plants grow and helping generate an ever-increasing amount of the electricity we use via photovoltaic cells, the sun does a pretty important job. There are plenty of kits available that can help bring solar power into the classroom, but if the equipment budget is a [...]

20 01, 2011

Finding Useful Eco Teaching Resources

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Despite the vast amount of green-themed information, websites, blogs and books widely available, finding really useful eco-teaching resources can, surprisingly, sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Like so many things, however, it’s really just a question of knowing where to look – and the good news is, there’s no [...]

23 11, 2010

Setting Up a Wildlife Area at School

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A well set up wildlife area can be a fantastic resource for any school, from it’s obvious ability to make a useful contribution to so much of the curriculum through to its simple – and often overlooked – value as a quiet place to just be. It’s a wonderfully adaptable [...]

23 11, 2010

Simple Soil Experiments for Schools

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Kids – the most enquiring minds in the universe; add soil, a few everyday objects and a little science and you’ve got to be onto a winner! Here’s a pair of very simple experiments to get youngsters thinking about soil and start investigating it in a practical way; they're very [...]

13 08, 2007

Setting up an Organic Garden at School

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Why Set Up a Garden? The benefits of setting up an organic garden at school are numerous! As an educational tool the garden will impact on many subjects – and not just environmental studies! Your garden could provide the inspiration for art classes, English lessons and home economics to name [...]

12 03, 2007

Observing Eco Systems at School

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Ecological observations are an excellent way for students to get to know the ecosystems in their areas. Ecosystems are made up of animals and plants interacting with each other and their environments. Human beings are always a part of an ecosystem so understanding those that we live in is very [...]

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