7 10, 2011

Food: Use By, Sell By, Confused By! What it all Means

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Modern food packaging carries an enormous amount of information about what you’re planning to eat – everything from the number of calories and its nutritional value, to how you need to store it and the ways in which it can be cooked. It’s all useful stuff of course, but while [...]

30 06, 2009

Why Local Veg Box Schemes Are Great for Kids

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If your family gets most of its groceries from a supermarket then it might be time to turn 'management speak' on its head and start thinking inside the box! Vegetable (and meat) boxes are a modern take on an old fashioned idea. By giving you access to local food providers [...]

1 04, 2009

Fun Ways For Kids to Learn Where Their Food Comes From

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If you ask most young children where their food comes from, the chances are that they’ll answer ‘the supermarket’, or even ‘mummy’ rather than give you a rundown of the latest advances in crop farming. This is a pretty common response. After all, if you don’t have an allotment, or [...]

29 02, 2008

Slow Food: The Fight Against Fast Food

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"Slow food" is a phrase used to describe the Slow Food Movement, a movement that began to fight against fast food. This movement began in Italy in the mid-1980s and put an emphasis on local, fresh food from the harvests available in any given region. Today over 120 countries have [...]

17 04, 2007

What do Food Labels Mean?

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Food labels can be an absolute minefield - low this high that, sugar free, low fat, suitable for vegetarians…the list is endless, and, in some cases plain confusing. Educating children about food labelling can be particularly tricky as there are so many nutritional ‘claims’ laid to products, which, when scrutinised, [...]

26 03, 2007

Benefits of an Additive Free Diet

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Whilst we know that additives and preservatives should be avoided as much as possible in our children's diets knowing just where – and in what guise – these dietary bad guys pop up can be a minefield. Types of Additives Where children's diets are concerned, parents tend to think mainly [...]

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