15 04, 2014

How Electricity is Made: An Easy Explanation

By |2021-05-24T08:40:59+00:00April 15, 2014|Teach Kids About...|1 Comment

We all know that some kinds of energy are a lot more eco-friendly than others - and when it comes to generating electricity, that often has us thinking about power generation from low, or even no, carbon renewable options instead of getting it from high-carbon fossil fuels. As far as [...]

30 06, 2009

Top Kid’s Movies With an Eco Friendly Message

By |2021-05-24T08:40:59+00:00June 30, 2009|Teach Kids About...|4 Comments

When it comes to eco-friendly films, it seems to be the adult viewers who are really spoilt for choice. Grown-up movies like An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour offer penetrating insights into global issues like climate change and overpopulation. The only problem is that they're far too complex for [...]

1 08, 2007

How Kids Can Help Reduce Energy Use

By |2021-05-24T08:40:57+00:00August 1, 2007|Teach Kids About...|1 Comment

How much energy do you use at home? It's not easy to calculate but most of us realise that one way and another with all our 'labour saving' devices, we use much more than is good for the environment. The main problem is CO2 – carbon dioxide – this comes [...]

26 04, 2007

The Ecological System

By |2021-05-24T08:40:58+00:00April 26, 2007|Teach Kids About...|Comments Off on The Ecological System

If the thought of teaching your children about ecosystems seems a bit of a challenge - particularly if science wasn’t exactly your favourite subject at school - help is at hand! As with all subjects breaking information down into digestible, age appropriate chunks is the easiest and most child-friendly approach, [...]

12 04, 2007

Litter and Waste

By |2021-05-24T08:40:57+00:00April 12, 2007|Teach Kids About...|15 Comments

Considering that £342 million a year is spent on litter clearing and street cleaning in England it is paramount that we educate our children on the importance of reducing litter and waste from an early age. Making Your Children Aware School-age children will undoubtedly be aware of litter control through [...]

26 03, 2007

Natural Resources of the Earth

By |2021-05-24T08:40:58+00:00March 26, 2007|Teach Kids About...|40 Comments

The wind the tides, geothermal heat (from the disintegration of the radioactive atoms in the Earth’s core) and the sun are just some of the Earth’s amazing natural resources that we can use to power our lives - but the Earth doesn’t just provide us with fuel for electricity and [...]

20 03, 2007

Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources

By |2021-05-24T08:40:59+00:00March 20, 2007|Teach Kids About...|17 Comments

As the UK strives to reach its target of deriving 10% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010 renewable and reusable energy is a hot topic from the classroom to parliament. However, it's all very well trying to get our kids' to be more environmentally aware and to think [...]

12 03, 2007

Climate Change and Global Warming

By |2021-05-24T08:40:57+00:00March 12, 2007|Teach Kids About...|2 Comments

Many people consider climate change and global warming the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. These issues affect everyone in the world but the good news is that everyone in the world can be a part of the solution if they so desire. Make sure that you do your [...]

7 03, 2007

Biodiversity and Nature

By |2021-05-24T08:40:57+00:00March 7, 2007|Teach Kids About...|18 Comments

“Biodiversity” is a term that was coined by joining the words “biological” and “diversity”. This contraction is now routinely used to discuss the high number and wide variety of organisms in the world, including humankind. The UK is lucky enough to have rich biodiversity across its lands, but our modern [...]

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