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EcoFriendlyKids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents who want to share in their kids’ adventures as they start to explore the natural world, and to guide them towards a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues as they grow older.

Solar Cold-frame Success: A Case Study

January 28, 2011|2 Comments

“We really wanted to make a greenhouse,” explains Mike Fuller, “but we just couldn’t seem to drink the lemonade quickly enough!” Mike’s sons, John and David, it seems, had seen a programme on the TV about building a solar greenhouse [...]

Getting Involved With Conservation

January 21, 2011|0 Comments

For children who care about the plight of the natural world, there’s never been an easier – or more important – time to get involved with conservation. Whatever they’re passionate about, there’s bound to be a way for them to [...]

Choosing Ethical Souvenirs

January 21, 2011|0 Comments

Bringing home presents and souvenirs from your holiday is all part of the fun, but not all of the things on offer in the world’s tourist shops are what you could describe as truly “ethical” – and sometimes, they’re not [...]

The Eco Photo-Essay

January 20, 2011|0 Comments

When it comes to getting any story across, there’s not much doubting that video is the dominant way of doing it, but never-the-less, there are still times when a collection of striking still photographs can say more than a few [...]

Finding Useful Eco Teaching Resources

January 20, 2011|0 Comments

Despite the vast amount of green-themed information, websites, blogs and books widely available, finding really useful eco-teaching resources can, surprisingly, sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Like so many things, however, it’s really just a question of knowing where [...]

Simple Solar Experiments for Schools

January 20, 2011|2 Comments

Between driving the weather, making plants grow and helping generate an ever-increasing amount of the electricity we use via photovoltaic cells, the sun does a pretty important job. There are plenty of kits available that can help bring solar power [...]

Five Top Beneficial Insects

November 23, 2010|4 Comments

The world-wide demand for pesticide is predicted to grow to a staggering £35 billion by 2014, and with so much money being spent on killing off pests, there are times when it’s hard to remember that not all insects want [...]

Be an Eco Reporter or Movie Maker

November 23, 2010|2 Comments

With so much readily available and relatively cheap technology to be had, there’s never been an easier time to launch your own career as a budding eco reporter or movie maker. Most of what you need comes built-in to most [...]

Simple Soil Experiments for Schools

November 23, 2010|1 Comment

Kids – the most enquiring minds in the universe; add soil, a few everyday objects and a little science and you’ve got to be onto a winner! Here’s a pair of very simple experiments to get youngsters thinking about soil [...]

The Stay-at-home Gap Year

November 15, 2010|0 Comments

The gap year represents an important time for many young people – a rite of passage marking the transition between school days and the adult world of university or the workplace. Traditionally an excuse to go back-packing around some of [...]

The Eco Traveller’s Code

November 15, 2010|0 Comments

Almost all of us like to travel and take the opportunity to visit somewhere different; even when today’s multi-channel digital TV beams the remotest corners of the world into our living rooms, there’s still nothing quite like seeing it for [...]