EcoFriendlyKids was formed to offer a unique reference point on having kids and helping the environment.

EcoFriendlyKids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents who want to share in their kids’ adventures as they start to explore the natural world, and to guide them towards a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues as they grow older. At the same time, the resources on this site are equally suitable for use by schools as a basis for classroom lessons, project work and eco club activities.

Topics you will find on the EcoFriendlyKids website include: recycling at home and at school; litter; pollution; biodiversity; climate change; saving energy; renewable energy sources and much more. There are also downloadable activity sheets and puzzles suitable for ages 3 and upwards – all with an environmental theme.

In addition, there is useful information for parents on all kinds of aspects relating to bringing up children in harmony with the natural environment: the pros and cons of breastfeeding; how to make your own baby food; a warning on artificial food additives associated with hyperactive behaviour in children and much more.

EcoFriendlyKids is a website you and your kids will want to come back to time after time because it contains so much information on such a wide variety of topics, all presented in a way designed to stimulate youngsters’ imagination, encouraging them to take an interest in their environment and what they personally can do to protect it.