How Green Are You?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave – or on the dark side of the Moon – for the last few years, you know what you ought to be doing when it comes to saving energy, helping wildlife and supporting ethical projects. So, do you do all you can, all the time, or is being eco-friendly just a part of your life – but not the be-all and end-all of it?

Have you ever wondered if you’re really as green as you think you are? If so, then here’s just the quiz for you. It’s only a bit of fun, of course, but it should help you start thinking about how much you do already – and whether you’re happy with that, or if you feel there’s anything more that you ought to be doing.

Work your way through these quick 12 questions and see just how green you really are. The answers are at the bottom – so enjoy finding out!

    1. Do you switch off your TV/computer/sound system at the wall?

    • a) Always.
    • b) Mostly.
    • c) Sometimes.

    2. When you clean your teeth, do you let the water run?

    • a) Yes.
    • b) No!
    • c) Sometimes.

    3. Do you grow your own food at home?

    • a) Yes – loads.
    • b) Yes, some.
    • c) No, not really.

    4. How many of your home’s light bulbs are low energy ones?

    • a) None / one or two.
    • b) About half.
    • c) All of them.

    5. How much of your household waste do you recycle?

    • a) We put our bottles in the bottle bank.
    • b) As much as we can.
    • c) Most of what we can.

    6. Do you have a wildlife friendly garden?

    • a) We’ve got a bit of a wildlife corner, but it’s nothing special.
    • b) I think we’ve got a bird box.
    • c) We’ve got bird boxes, a wildlife area, a pond and loads of plants for bees and butterflies.

    7. How did you travel to your last holiday?

    • a) By boat or train.
    • b) On foot or by bicycle.
    • c) By air.

    8. How do you get to school?

    • a) Walk or cycle.
    • b) School bus.
    • c) Car.

    9. Shower or bath?

    • a) Bath.
    • b) Shower.
    • c) Don’t care.

    10. If you’re buying a present, which matters MOST to you ?

    • a) Price.
    • b) Was it made locally?
    • c) Will the person I’m giving it to like it?

    11. How do you think of wasps?

    • a) If they avoid me, I’ll avoid them.
    • b) A nuisance.
    • c) An important part of the natural world.

    12. How many times do you re-use the plastic bags shops give you?

    • a) Once, maybe.
    • b) Several times.
    • c) I never take them; I always use my own bag.


    1. (a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point
    2. (a)1 point (b) 3 points (c) 2 points
    3. (a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point
    4. (a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points
    5. (a) 1 point (b) 3 points (c) 2 points
    6. (a) 2 points (b) 1 point (c) 3 points
    7. (a) 2 points (b) 3 points (c) 1 point
    8. (a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point
    9. (a) 2 points (b) 3 points (c) 1 point
    10. (a) 1 point (b) 3 points (c) 2 points
    11. (a) 2 points (b) 1 point (c) 3 points
    12. (a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

    How Did You Do?

    • 29 to 36 – Deep Green!
    • 19 to 28 – Emerald Green!
    • 12 to 18 – Light Green!

    Whatever shade of green you are, have fun being eco-friendly!