2 09, 2010

What Do You Know About Garden Wildlife?

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All sorts of native wildlife can be found living in and around our gardens – and even more kinds are fairly regular visitors. From birds, bees and bugs to occasional bigger beasts such as badgers and deer, the Great British back yard is alive with all manner of creatures – [...]

22 06, 2010

Are You an Eco-friendly Gardener?

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Gardening is a huge hobby in Britain and most of us enjoy the opportunity to potter about tending our own little piece of ground. Back gardens represent an important space in all the family’s lives and whether yours is principally for outdoor entertaining, growing flowers, watching wildlife or the kids [...]

16 04, 2010

What Do You Know About Water?

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Water really is the stuff of life. From washing to drinking and from the rain lashing against winter windows to the waves crashing against summer-holiday shores, it affects everything we do, and that’s before we even begin to consider how important it is to the rest of the planet. In [...]

16 04, 2010

How Much Do You Know About Weather and Climate?

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years or you’ve just returned from Mars, you can’t have failed to notice just how much the news has been full of talk about climate change, global warming, floods, droughts, heat-waves and the weather in general. So, how much [...]

15 04, 2010

How Energy-Aware Are You?

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Between cutting back on fuel bills, using electricity more efficiently and reducing our carbon footprint it seems that everyone’s taking energy very seriously these days. So, how about you? Are you a bit of an energy champion, doing your bit wherever you can – or does the whole thing leave [...]

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