16 06, 2010

Great Eco-Friendly Gadgets

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If your kids love gadgets, there are plenty to choose from that are as green as they are great fun to use. Whether you’re looking for something entertaining, educational or simply practical, there’s bound to be one that will suit – and searching through all the wonderfully ingenious options available [...]

16 06, 2010

Finding Out About the Food in Your Cupboard

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Food production is at the heart of how we look after our planet and growing enough to feed us all makes significant demands on global resources, particularly in terms of land, water and energy. More than a third of the world’s available surface is given over to agriculture in one [...]

16 04, 2010

Make a Wildlife Corner in Your Garden

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Watching wildlife comes high on the list of favourite activities for most eco-friendly kids – and it’s often a hit with their parents too. There’s no better way to encourage a few native species to come into your own backyard than by rolling out a bit of a red carpet [...]

13 04, 2010

Easy Wildlife Homes to Make in an Afternoon.

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For eco-friendly kids there’s not much to beat watching wildlife outside your own back door and with habitat loss and changes in the countryside meaning that an increasing number of native British animals are visiting domestic gardens, the opportunities have never been better. Creating a wildlife area is a great [...]

3 04, 2009

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Saving Energy at Home

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The chances are that when you were a child, if your Dad yelled at you to turn your TV off, he was more worried about the cost of electricity rather than its draining effect on the planet’s resources. These days, we all know that conserving our energy is essential to [...]

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