Get Creative Making Sock Puppets

If you feel like you’ve got enough plastic stuff then it’s time to get creative and come up with some entertaining ways of using recyclable materials. Making sock puppets is a great way to use up old socks and extra craft materials, and once you have a whole cast you can write up and perform an endless variety of new puppet shows. Best of all, many of the products used in making sock puppets can still be recycled when you are finished so there’s no need to worry about how your fun may end up hurting others at another time.

Making Sock Puppets

How you want your sock puppet to look is up to you, but there are a number of items you’ll likely want to employ to make your puppets unique. Clean old socks are a must, as are markers or other writing implements with which to draw on the socks. Buttons, yarn, coloured papers, scissors and glue will also likely come in hand for adding personality to the puppets. To begin, simply pull the sock over the hand that you do not use to write. Draw a face, remembering that your thumb and forefinger will naturally make a “mouth” from which the puppet will talk. Glue on buttons for eyes or ears, added a paper tongue or even glue on yarn for hair or a beard. If you prefer your puppet to be non-human, such as an animal or even a monster, that’s fine too. The possibilities are only as limited as your creativity. Making sock puppets is a great group project too, so don’t be shy about asking friends over to create their own.

Performing with Sock Puppets

Though you could perform with only your own sock puppets, usually having a number of puppets together helps make for a great puppet show. If you don’t feel like writing your own script, considering going online to look for something easy. Otherwise, decide on your story and where you would like to perform. If you’re happy to use more of your art skills you could even make sets as backgrounds for your puppets. Throwing some cloth over a table will be more than enough to create a makeshift puppet theatre though. Practice until you feel happy with your show, then invite your family and friends to a grand opening. If all goes well, you could be an award winning playwright yet!

Recycling Sock Puppets

Sock puppets can be used over and over again. If you get a little tired of their look, consider taking off the buttons, paper and/or yarn and giving them a make-over. When you are truly finished with your puppets, consider if you know any other children who might like them. If not, carefully remove all the extra pieces. Have a grown-up help you wash off the buttons and decide if any paper and/or yarn can be recycled. Ask the grown-up if they would like to use the sock for anything else (like a dust rag) and if not, discuss how best to dispose of it. Do not donate sock puppets to clothing drives as there are probably very few people who will want to wear socks with drawings on them.

Sock puppets are a great craft project to complete alone or with friends. Get out your craft stash today to see if you can start making sock puppets soon.