Five Great Eco Friendly Days Out in the UK

With the summer holidays stretching ahead, parents across the UK will be wracking their brains trying to avoid the inevitable cries of “I’m bored!” from grumpy offspring. But while theme park trips and visits to the swimming pool are all very well, wouldn’t it be brilliant if your kids could learn something as well as having fun? If you’re stuck for ideas for great days out then take a look at a few of our eco-friendly adventures below. As well as not costing the Earth (some are practically free) they should help your kids learn how to save it too.

Go On A Nature Trail

How well do you know the fields, woods and parks around your local area? The chances are that these green spaces are the natural habitat of all kinds of wildlife which make up a whole new world for your kids to discover. Use your local knowledge (and maybe the internet as well) to identify the insects, flowers and plants which your kids might spy while outside. Then supply each child a printed sheet with pictures of different examples. They’ll enjoy spotting new sights and ticking off the ones they’ve got. Finish off the day with an ice cream (if you’re feeling flush) or pack a picnic full of homemade treats.

Visit The Eden Project

If you live near Cornwall, or don’t mind making the trip, a visit to the Eden Project can be a real summer holiday highlight. Described as ‘a green theme park’, kids can learn about environmental issues in the education centre, explore the global gardens and experience different climates in the impressive ‘biomes’. Best of all, there are discounts for walkers and cyclists, so if you leave the car at home you and your family can get in cheaper.

Go To The Natural History Museum

A must-visit location which should feature in every family trip to London, the Natural History Museum is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful best experienced with a child’s eye view. Inspiring exhibits show the true diversity of nature around the globe and yes, the dinosaurs are still here for little ones to marvel over.

Experience Organic Gardening

Garden Organic is a UK-based charity passionate about promoting the health and environmental benefits of growing and eating organic food. To give your kids a real taste of what organic gardening is all about you can visit one of three gorgeous demonstration gardens based in Essex, Coventry and Kent. During summer, look out for a range of activities aimed at families that the charity is organising around the country.

Get Alternative!

Based in Wales, the Centre for Alternative Technology is at the forefront of new thinking about sustainable energy, organic farming and other important eco issues. To help educate the public about their work they offer a range of courses and workshops – many of which are child friendly. It might not be a day out that eco-beginners will relish, but kids who are passionate about planet-saving will find plenty of food for thought.