Energy and Recycling QuizMost of us know that saving energy and recycling whatever we can are important ways of protecting the environment but do we really know why or how?

Do you know the finer points of recycling?

Are you up to speed on environmentally friendly energy?

Can you spot the best ways to save energy in your home?

Put your environmental knowledge to the test with this Energy and Recycling Quiz to see if you are really living as green a lifestyle as you believe. Are you an eco-friendly intellectual, or do you need to swot up some more? Continue on to find out!

  1. Which natural resource is not an ingredient in manufacturing glass bottles?

    A. Sand.

    B. Dirt.

    C. Soda Ash.

    D. Limestone.

  2. How many years does it take a single aluminium can to decompose?

    A. 20 – 40 years.

    B. 60 – 80 years.

    C. 80 – 100 years.

    D. 100 – 120 years.

  3. If you recycle a tonne of paper, how many trees are you saving?

    A. 12 trees.

    B. 17 trees.

    C. 23 trees.

    D. 28 trees.

  4. Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for how long?

    A. 3 hours.

    B. 6 hours.

    C. 9 hours.

    D. 12 hours.

  5. Which of the following is NOT used to generate electricity in the UK?

    A. Human waste.

    B. Solar power.

    C. Hydropower.

    D. Perfume.

  6. When recycling glass it is common to sort bottles by colour, but which colour is NOT common for sorting?

    A. Blue.

    B. Clear.

    C. Green.

    D. Brown.

  7. Recycling just two glass bottles saves enough energy to boil water for how many cups of tea?

    A. 1 cup of tea.

    B. 3 cups of tea.

    C. 5 cups of tea.

    D. 7 cups of tea.

  8. Most of the energy used on Earth today originally came from which source?

    A. The sun.

    B. Oceans.

    C. Soil.

    D. Air.

  9. Which action does NOT save energy in your home?

    A. Turning all appliances to stand-by when not in use.

    B. Turning off and unplugging all appliances when not in use.

    C. Turning off all lights when not in the room.

    D. Leaving lights on in only the rooms you are moving between.

  10. If all of the wind around the UK coasts could be harnessed for energy, how much of our energy needs could be met by this source alone.

    A. None of our energy needs.

    B. All of our energy needs.

    C. Double our energy needs.

    D. Three times our energy needs.


  1. B – Dirt is not a main component of glass bottles.
  2. C – It takes an average aluminium can between 80 and 100 years to decompose.
  3. B – 17 trees are saved by every tonne of existing paper that is recycled.
  4. A – Recycling an aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours.
  5. D – Perfume is not a source of energy in the UK.
  6. A – Blue is not a common colour by which glass is sorted for recycling.
  7. C – Recycling 2 glass bottles saves enough energy to boil 5 cups of tea.
  8. A – Most of the energy used on Earth originally came from the Sun.
  9. D – Leaving lights on in rooms you are moving between does not save energy.
  10. D – The wind around the UK coasts could meet three times the UK’s energy needs if it was harnessed for energy.

Recycling and saving energy are two of the most important contributions that anyone can make toward protecting the environment. If you answered 8 or more of these questions correctly then congratulations, you are a best friend of the Earth.

If you answered 5 or more of these questions correctly then well done, you’ve got a great foundation and should constantly be searching for more facts to help you on your way. If you answered less than 5 of these questions correctly, you’ve got lots of room for improvement and should start a new eco-friendly lifestyle today!

For further information on recycling and saving energy, be sure to check in with Oxfam, Greenpeace, Green Energy UK and you local authorities for programmes in your area. Ask for information on their environmental protection campaigns, or ways in which you can donate your time, energy, enthusiasm, skills or even money to further their causes. Before you know it, you’ll be the greenest home in your area!