Classroom Activities at Your School

Everyday you go to school and participate in a variety of different classroom activities. You paint in art class, read books aloud as a group and run around on the playground. But what if you could find a way to work in an activity that would help your class come together to help save the environment? If you like the sound of that, then talk to your teacher about working in activities that can help the class gain an environmentally friendly education as well as work together for a common goal. Activities like organising a clothing drive, planting a class garden, holding a class book swap and fundraising for an environmental charity can all help you learn the lesson of being kind to the earth, not to mention each other.

Organising a Clothing Drive

Organising a classroom clothing drive is as easy as asking each person to bring in one old but still clean and wearable piece of clothing that they would otherwise throw away. Rather than sending these pieces to a landfill somewhere, the class can donate them as a group to a charity shop or send them to a community in need somewhere else in the world. If the clothes are to go to others in need, then asking each student to write a little note can also help round out this activity.

Planting a Class Garden

One of the most memorable activities in which students can partake is planting a class garden. This activity can require a good amount of labour, however, as well as outdoor space and supplies, so it may require some extra planning. Class gardens, whether they eventually produce flowers or vegetables, can be an important part of a student’s science education. If you need to convince your teacher of this, remind him or her that you can study the soil, the planting process, the growth and life of a plant as well as weather’s effects on nature.

Holding a Class Book Swap

Though they are fun and very important for a student’s education, books can be harmful to the earth if they are not recycled properly. Rather than letting books get thrown out, students might be able to swap books in an organised manner if your teacher agrees to this activity. Simply ask each student to bring in a book they no longer want, display them all on a table and allow students to select one each to bring home. However, the teacher might want to check that each student has a book to donate before the swap. If not, then encouraging other students to bring more than one old book will help everyone go home with something new.

Fundraising for an Environmental Charity

Some classes prefer activities that don’t require students to donate anything themselves so fundraising for an environmental charity is one way that students can help the earth without putting an extra burden on their own families. Students may decide to do a read-a-thon, sell baked goods or raffle off their own works of art to raise funds for a good cause. If more classes want to get in on the fun then hosting a friendly competition between classes can also help spur on the fundraising efforts.

There are many activities that students can suggest in order for their classes to learn more about being environmentally friendly. Clothing drives, class gardens, book swaps and fundraising for environmental charities are just a few of these activities.